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              Blank Duct Plug
              • Blank Duct PlugBlank Duct Plug
              • Blank Duct PlugBlank Duct Plug

              Blank Duct Plug

              The blqd® blank duct plug is typically made of a durable and flexible material, such as rubber or plastic, that can withstand extreme temperatures and resist the effects of aging, chemicals, and UV radiation. It is installed by inserting it into the opening of the duct and tightening any securing screws or clamps to ensure a tight fit.

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              Product Description

              The blqd® blank duct plug provides a reliable seal that protects against environmental factors, reduces energy loss, and helps to prevent unwanted access to ducts and conduits.This plug is used to seal a open pipe-end again the sewage and dust ingress.


              .Body: ABS
              Gasket: EPDM (Silicon) 


              Gas Tightness:

              Leakage at 0.5 bar gas pressure: 1ml/minute approx 

              (IEC 60068-2-17)

               Temperature range:
              -20℃ to + 60℃

              Duct Bank Durability

              Manufactured from high-impact plastic components, combined with durable elastic

              gaskets, Blank plugs are corrosion proof and effective as long-term or temporary seals.

              Economy and Safety

              Both water-tight and gas-tight, Blank duct plugs prevent the flow of water and the costly

              sedimentation of duct banks and conduit systems while confining problems of dangerous

              vapors to their source.


              Each Blank plug is equipped with a rope tie device to allow the securing of pull rope to the

              plug’s back compression plate. Installers can attach the rope to the back compression plate

              of the plug and store excess slack rope behind the plug within the conduit system for futureuse.

              • All plastic construction

              • Corrosion proof

              • Water-tight

              • Easy installation and removal

              • Reusable



              Duct ID Diameter Rang(mm)

              Blank Duct Plug BLA20025U


              Blank Duct Plug BLA25029U


              Blank Duct Plug BLA31037U


              Blank Duct Plug BLA37046U


              Blank Duct Plug BLA46060U


              Blank Duct Plug BLA59076U


              Blank Duct Plug BLA76088U


              Blank Duct Plug BLA88102U


              Blank Duct Plug BLA99110U


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