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              Microduct Connector Sealing
              • Microduct Connector SealingMicroduct Connector Sealing

              Microduct Connector Sealing

              blqd® Microduct connector sealing is an important aspect of ensuring the reliability and durability of the microducts and fiber optic cables in a communication network. Proper sealing is essential to protect the cables from environmental factors such as moisture, dirt, and other contaminants that can lead to signal loss or damage to the cables.

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              Product Description

              There are several methods for microduct connector sealing, including mechanical, heat shrink, and adhesive sealing. Mechanical sealing involves using a connector that is designed to provide a tight and secure fit between the microducts, which can help to prevent moisture and other contaminants from entering the system.

              blqd® Microduct Connector Sealing Technical Specifications

              Materials: PP+TPV, Silicon (Gel)

              Dimensions: 350mm (Length), other sizes also available when request.

              IP Grade: IP67

              Application: Aerial Application

              It is important to select the appropriate sealing method based on the specific application and environmental conditions. Proper installation and maintenance of the microduct connector sealing is critical to ensuring the long-term reliability and durability of the communication network. Regular inspections and testing should be conducted to identify any potential issues or failures in the system, and repairs should be made promptly to prevent further damage or signal loss.
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