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              FTTH Optic Fiber Connector

              blqd® FTTH optic fiber connectors are designed to be easy to install and operate, allowing for quick and efficient deployment of fiber optic networks. They provide low insertion loss and low return loss, ensuring optimal signal transmission and minimizing signal degradation.

              The choice of connector depends on various factors such as the specific network requirements, the type of fiber being used (single-mode or multimode), and compatibility with the equipment or devices being connected. Proper installation and maintenance of the connectors are crucial for maintaining optimal performance and reliability in an FTTH network.

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              Microduct Connector Cover

              Microduct Connector Cover

              blqd® microduct connector cover is a protective cover used to safeguard the connectors of microducts. Microducts are small, flexible conduits used to protect and route fiber optic cables in communication networks. The connectors on the end of the microducts are critical components that must be protected from environmental factors that can cause damage and impair performance.

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