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What is a microtube connector


A microtube connector refers to a connector used to connect micropipes or microfluidic devices. It is commonly used in fields such as microfluidic experiments, biomedical and chemical analysis. Microtube connectors can ensure accurate delivery and control of fluids, while providing reliable connection and sealing performance.

Micropipe connectors usually consist of two parts: a plug and a socket. The plug is connected to one end of the microduct, and the socket is connected to the other end. They typically use microthreads, pressure seals, or other special designs to connect and seal.

The design and material selection of microtube connectors are very important because they need to be adapted to the special requirements of microdimensions and microfluidics. Common materials include stainless steel, polymers, and glass, among others.

It should be noted that the specific application and technical details of microtube connectors may vary in different industries and fields. If you have specific app needs or more questions, I'll try to help.

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