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What is End Stop Microduct connector


The End Stop Microduct connector is a connector used for micro optical cable wiring. Its function is to seal the connection at the end of the optical fiber covering layer to prevent dust, water vapor and other debris from entering the optical cable, thereby ensuring the signal transmission quality of the optical fiber.

This kind of connector is suitable for situations where micro-optical cable network cabling is required, such as computer rooms, data centers, server cabinets, etc. End Stop Microduct connector is usually used at the final end of a micro optical cable to seal the network inlet and outlet and protect the optical fiber in the micro optical cable from environmental pollution and damage.

In terms of application, End Stop Microduct connector is usually used with other micro-optical cable accessories, such as connectors, adapters, repeaters, etc. in micro-optical cables. It can help users achieve high-quality signal transmission and data security protection when wiring micro-optical cable networks.

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