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What is the function of Duct Plug?


Duct Plug refers to a device used to block pipes or ventilation ducts. It usually has the following functions:

Safety: Duct plugs are used to prevent hazardous materials from entering or leaking out of ventilation systems or ducts. This can avoid potentially dangerous situations such as toxic gas leaks, fire spread, etc.

Maintenance and repair: When maintaining and repairing ventilation systems or ducts, Duct plugs can be used to temporarily block the ducts to ensure the safety of the work area and prevent dust, debris, etc. from entering the system.

Isolated Areas: Where there is a need to isolate a portion of a ventilation system or ductwork, Duct plugs can be used to create isolated areas where specific work or maintenance can be carried out without affecting other parts.

Air Tightness Test: During air tightness testing, the Duct plug can be used to seal the ventilation system to check for leaks or defects.

Fire isolation: In case of fire, Duct plug can be used to block ventilation ducts to prevent the fire from spreading to other areas, thereby increasing the time of fire fighting.

In summary, the Duct Plug is a device used for safety, repair, maintenance and fire isolation, which helps ensure the controllability and safety of ducts and ventilation systems. It is usually designed in a detachable manner to facilitate installation and removal during use.

Duct Plug
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